Rick Mills

Rick Mills | CEO | Creative Realities 

Over 30 years in industry– IT, telecommunications, staffing, and digital media

Accomplished founder and executive

  • 2x founder, both resulting in successful strategic sales
  • History of driving organic and acquisition growth
  • Turnaround / rollup expert

Experienced small and large public company executive

  • > 10 years with publicly-traded organizations
  • COO & board member of Pomeroy Computer Resources (PRMY), >$600 million revenue
  • CEO of SARCOM, drove revenue to >$1 billion and profitable for first time in years
  • CEO of Cyberswap, Inc., increased revenue by 5x to >$100 million
  • President & Director – Beacon Solutions (BEAC), successfully integrated 4 acquisitions in a short time span

Adept acquiror and integrator

  • Completed and integrated more than 20 acquisitions during career
  • Significant shareholder value creation from acquisition synergies and valuation uplift

Strong conviction in opportunity for CRI

  • Merged ConeXus with CRI in October 2015, and named CEO of combined company
  • Elected to receive acquisition consideration in CREX stock at $8.40 per share.
  • Second largest shareholder in company with 16% of the common outstanding